How Wilds & Multipliers Work In Online Slots

Wilds and multipliers can work together to create a unique experience when playing online slots. We cover both slot features in this complete guide!

Are you spinning the reels without realising the true potential of all the different icons? While most of the symbols in online slots speak for themselves, the wild and multipliers can be a little more perplexing.

Both of these symbols come with their own unique characteristics, all of which will be explained in this detailed guide. In addition to this, Lifetime Casinos look at some of the best online slots that feature multipliers and wilds. These can act as a great starting point for anyone who is searching for titles that feature these popular mechanics!

Key Takeaways:

  • Wild symbols act as any icon, replacing them to form matching combinations. Some wild symbols also have multipliers that are applied to any potential winnings.
  • Multipliers can appear in different parts of slot games, such as base game multipliers, free spins and bonus game multipliers. They multiply the potential winnings by a specific amount.
  • Slots with scatter multiplier symbols do not need to land on a payline; they can trigger their multiplying effect anywhere on the reels.
  • Choosing the right number of active paylines is important for managing risk while also covering different outcomes on the reels.
  • The combination of wild symbols and multipliers in modern slot games like avalanche reels has revolutionised online slots, creating plenty of fresh ways to play.
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Multiplying Symbols in Slots

Get ready to explore the different types of multipliers in online slots, from base game multipliers and free spins to bonus game multipliers. Learn how wilds and scatter symbols can unlock unique features, while also working together to potentially increase potential winnings.

Types of Multipliers

Multipliers are not only entertaining but can boost the potential winnings of players. They come in many shapes and sizes, each with its own ability.

  • Base Game Multipliers – These are found in the regular part of the game. They can double, triple or multiply potential winnings by a different number, should they land on the reels/
  • Free Spins and Bonus Game Multipliers – These can be unlocked during free spin rounds or bonus games. They are often sticky, meaning that they do not drop off the board when they appear.
  • Wild Multipliers – As the name suggests, these are wild symbols that come with a multiplier effect. Not only do they substitute for other symbols to create a matching combination, but they also multiply the associated potential winnings.
  • Scattered Multipliers – These don’t need to fall on a payline to work. Just having them appear anywhere on the reels may trigger their multiplying effect.
  • Wins vs Bet Multipliers – Some multipliers increase the amount awarded from a particular payline, while others multiply the bet amount.

Now that we’ve briefly touched on these different types of multipliers, let’s take a closer look at them all!

Base Game Multipliers

Moving from the different kinds of multipliers, let’s focus on those found in the base game. These special symbols can have their multipliers applied to potential winnings without needing to trigger a bonus or free spins round.

These multiplying symbols may appear randomly or as part of certain symbol combinations. If you land them during a spin, they will multiply the potential winnings for that particular line by their value.

Some slot games offer x2, x3, or higher multipliers in the base game, although they typically don’t rival those found in bonus rounds.

Free Spins and Bonus Game Multipliers

Moving beyond the base game, free spins often take entertainment up a notch. As the name suggests, these rounds award additional spins, without the need to wager anything at all. During these rounds, multipliers can appear more frequently, or land with larger values on them.

In some slots, you can pick your own multiplier from hidden icons during these special rounds. This adds an element of surprise and interactivity. Many slots also allow players to pick their own multiplier. However, large values often come with fewer spins. Remember, whether they multiply line bets or total bets varies across games!

Wild Multipliers

Wild multipliers bring a fresh twist to slot machines. They act like a standard wild symbol, taking the place of other reel symbols to complete matching combinations, while also multiplying the associated potential winnings!

These interesting and unique symbols can appear during the base game or bonus modes. It’s also possible that they come fully stacked, or with the potential to expand to fill the reel.

It’s worth mentioning that wild multipliers often only apply to the combination that they’re a part of, not the total potential winnings for the spin. They also work differently from title to title, should more than one wild multiplier be part of a matching combination:

  • Added Multipliers – The most common outcome of multiple wild symbols being part of the same combination is their values being added together before they’re applied to the potential winnings for the combination. For example, a 2x and a 3x multiplier would create a total win multiplier of 5x.
  • Multiplier Values – This is when the values shown on the wilds are multiplied together before they’re applied to the potential winnings. For example, a 2x and a 3x multiplier would mean a total win multiplier of 6x. It’s perhaps no surprise that this type of calculation is preferred by players!

Scattered Multipliers

Scattered multipliers aren’t just any symbols; they come with their own unique ability. If enough of these icons appear simultaneously, the current stake size will be multiplied by the corresponding value and awarded to the player.

It’s important to remember that scattered multipliers ignore paylines completely. They simply need to show up in any position on the board, often on reels 1, 3, and 5 when spinning five reel online slots.

Some scatter multipliers will also be responsible for triggering the main bonus round, in addition to awarding some potential winnings to players!

Multiplier Key Features
Base Game These can appear during the base game, without the need to trigger a bonus mode.
Bonus Game Multipliers Can only be applied to potential winnings during a bonus round, such as free spins.
Wild Multipliers These are symbols that can substitute for any standard or premium icon, while also multiplying the potential winnings if they’re part of a combination.
Scatter Multipliers Ignore paylines and can award a multiple of the bet size, should enough appear simultaneously.

Wins vs. Bet Multipliers

Wins multipliers and bet multipliers work differently in slot games. Wins multipliers increase the potential winnings you get from a matching combination. For example, if you land a combination featuring a 3x multiplier, your potential winnings for that line are tripled before being awarded.

Bet multipliers, on the other hand, act on the total stake size. This is often the case with scatter symbols, with the current bet size being multiplied and awarded.

The Number of Active Paylines with Wilds and Multipliers

One strategy that players use when spinning online slots is to change the number of active paylines, if possible. This requires a bet size per line, which is multiplied by the total number of chosen lines, in order to calculate the total bet size.

Payline options vary among slot games, providing different configurations for players to choose from based on their betting strategy and risk tolerance. While many punters tend to opt for the maximum number of paylines, there are plenty of things to consider:

  • The selection of active paylines influences the frequency and size of potential winnings, making it essential to assess how many lines you want to play.
  • Adjustable paylines offer flexibility, allowing players to switch between different numbers of active lines based on their preferences and budget.
  • The impact of payline configuration can be significant, affecting the overall volatility of a slot game.
  • Leveraging payline flexibility can provide an adaptive approach that aligns with changing gameplay dynamics and personal preferences.
  • Multiplier tactics should consider the interplay between selected paylines and their influence on potential wins if multiplier symbols come into play.

Highest Multiplier Slots

Discover the top slots with the biggest multipliers, such as Mega Money Multiplier and other popular games known for their above-average multiplier features. These games can offer additional entertainment from wilds and multipliers, keeping players immersed in the action!

Mega Money Multiplier

Step into the world of Mega Money Multiplier, a straightforward online slot game that boasts seven premium symbols, not including the multipliers. Developed by Microgaming, this slot machine offers entertainment through various bonus mechanics!

Wild symbols and multipliers during the free spins bonus are two of the main features, with the slot also having a rather traditional appearance.

Slots With The Biggest Bet Multipliers

The Mega Money Multiplier boasts a maximum potential multiplier of x10,000, making it a top contender in the world of online slots. When it comes to the best slots with the biggest multipliers, here are some noteworthy options:

  • Planet of the Apes – This slot is based on the hugely popular film series, offering a maximum multiplier of 600,000x.
  • Magician’s Secrets – Released by Pragmatic Play, Magician’s Secrets comes with an upper cap of 500,000x on its multiplier.
  • Tombstone R.I.P – Released by NoLimit City, Tombstone R.I.P comes with a maximum potential multiplier of 300,000x.

It’s worth mentioning that although the multiplier may reach these numbers, there’s never a guarantee that a matching combination will form during the same spin.

Avalanche Reels and Multipliers

Another aspect of modern slots is ‘Avalanche Reels’, also known as ‘Cascading Symbols’ or ‘Tumbles’. This is a mechanic that removes matching combinations from the board, allowing new symbols to replace them. This can lead to consecutive combinations forming during the same spin, with the potential for the win multiplier to increase as different avalanche sequences occur.

Usually, this win multiplier will be active until the end of the spin. However, it may also sometimes be passive throughout a free spins bonus mode.

With many more providers incorporating Avalanche Reels into their online slots, it’s clear that they’re a favourite amongst casino players. They also work hand in hand with win multipliers!


In summary, wilds and multipliers can both have a huge impact on your gaming experience. Understanding the different types of multipliers and how they work can also go a long way in improving your session!

By combining wild symbols with multipliers, providers have offered punters a new way to play. Modern slots also feature an assortment of different mechanics, such as Avalanche Reels, to further add to the levels of engagement and immersion.

Here at LifetimeCasinos, we regularly publish slot reviews for titles that contain wild symbols, win multipliers and much more. As well as the titles mentioned earlier, online slots such as Gates of Olympus and Big Bass Bonanza, both by Pragmatic Play, could be ones to consider. They both have bonus modes featuring win multipliers, with wild symbols being active throughout!


Wild symbols can substitute for other symbols to help create matching combinations. Typically, they can replace any standard or premium symbol, but not special icons.

Multipliers are applied to the potential winnings before they’re awarded to the player. For example, if the potential winnings for a spin are 1.00 and a 3x multiplier appears, a total of 3.00 will be awarded to the player.

Yes, a single spin can activate both wild symbols and multipliers simultaneously. Some wilds also come with their own associated multipliers, which will be applied to any matching combinations that they’re a part of.

Not every online slot game includes wild symbols or multipliers; their presence varies depending on the specific game’s design and features. Players can often see whether a slot has wilds and multipliers from within the information tab.

One strategy that many players use when playing online slots is changing the number of active paylines. This can be done to set different styles of play, increasing or decreasing the volatility and hit frequency of a slot. With that being said, it’s important to remember that the outcome of each spin is completely based on luck.

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